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"Fundraising has never been easier!"

Fund Raisers, Ltd. has been helping its partners and their fundraising projects since 1987.  In the beginning we only provided our customers with engraved brick and tile products.  Through years of experience and listening to our customers, we have broadened the scope of fundraising possibilities.

  • Developed “Bricks Software” that manages donor recognition software
  • Created extensive and fully-customizable online ordering system
  • Introduced first “How To” manual that makes the fundraising process easy
  • Created certificates of appreciation suitable for framing
  • Introduced "replicas"
  • Created Glass replicas for glass panel donation walls
  • Established fulfillment services to fill gaps for resource-strapped partners and enable fundraising promotional items.
    • Customer Service/Call Center, Payment Processing, Order Processing, Shipping and Financial Reporting

We continue to innovate and adapt to meet our customers needs

Engraved Brick or Engraved Tile Fundraising Programs:

Brick fundraising programs are a win-win proposition for any organization or community project:

  • Personalized pavers make an indelible connection between the customer and the fundraising organization. 
  • Pavers and/or tiles add aesthetic appeal to the area chosen.
  • Engraved bricks have a proven track record of raising substantial revenue for many great causes.  

Using details specific to your project, we will work with you to determine:

  1. Which brick or tile is appropriate for your project.
  2. How many bricks or tiles can be accommodated in your designated area.
  3. Donation levels that will maximize your revenue.
  4. Which sections of our "How To" manual will show you how to successfully market and promote your campaign.
  5. Whether it is best for Fund Raisers, Ltd. to handle your brick orders and take care of other administrative tasks or if you should do it using our “Bricks” software programs.

Have Fun Marketing Your Program:

Remember that most successful marketing starts with a story.  This helps to connect your donors to your program.  Utilize all the resources in the community through donations or service exchanges.  Over the years, we have been amazed at the resourcefulness of fundraising partners.


  • Create a story that gets press from your local paper (free advertising).
  • Give a local print shop a free business logo 8x8 paver if they develop your program brochure.
  • Give a local paper or radio station a free business logo 8x8 paver for advertising space.

We have many other examples to share with you.

Fundraising has never been easier!

Our replica program serves to deepen the connection between your supporters and your organization while raising additional revenue.  Replicas can be produced and shipped long before your installation and serve as an effective marketing tool.

Doing an engraved brick fundraising program with multiple products offered at tiered pricing enables your organization to maximize its revenue.  Capable donors will give more to your cause if the option is available.


Product   Proposed Donation Amount
4x8 Brick Paver   $50 - $100
8x8 Brick Paver   $175 - $225
8x8 Logo Paver    $200 - $250
12x12 Granite/Tile   $500 - $1500
Larger Granite Pieces   Priced to the Market 

Engraved Glass Panel and Replica Fundraising Programs:

These programs work well indoors and can accommodate places where it is tough to acquire an area that would be appropriate for traditional brick program.

Minnesota Twins Tradition Wall
- In a spectacular piece of art, the Twins Tradition Wall on Target Plaza celebrates their first 50 years by permanently joining fan names with the team rosters of every player since their inaugural season in 1961.  The players’ names are listed on bronze pennants and the fans’ names are etched into eight-foot-tall glass panels.

Commemorative or Retail Product Fundraising:

Fund Raisers, Ltd has a complete customer service/call center and on-line ordering system that enables us to take and fulfill orders for additional fundraising products.  Our clients have had tremendous success running fundraising programs of this type.


San Francisco Giants • Bobbleheads • 50th Aniversary Book & Babooshkas

“All the Giants organization had to do was advertise the product and Fund Raisers, Ltd. handled all aspects of the program.  Fund Raisers, Ltd. was able to oversee all of the operational and financial responsibilities in a very smooth and seamless way.  The Giants’ organization has already partnered with Fund Raisers, Ltd. on other sales ventures.”

Danny Dann,
Director Sponsorship Services
San Francisco Giants

Willie Mays Tribute Wall

In support of the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club at Hunters Point, the Giants’ fans responded by paying tribute to Willie Mays with personalized baseballs, bats and limited edition golden gloves, permanently encased in the Willie Mays “Tribute Wall” at AT&T Park.


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